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Kinect + Wiimote = Enhanced FPS Gaming


tramite - You name it. We hack it. di Saikat il 20/01/11

While Kinect has a few decent games available with it, it doesn't work with games like Call of Duty. Microsoft took aim at the casual gamers first (of course).  However, this Kinect hack demonstrates the potential of Microsoft's latest toy when it comes to FPS games.  While you won't get precise effects for rapid movements (and might lower your Kill-Death ratio), the near realistic leaning, ducking, and reloading puts you more in the game.
The demonstration uses the Flexible Action and Articulated Toolkit which conerts body gestures and emulates them on screen.  About 20 different gestures can be mapped to keyboard or controls for a game.  Not all controls of a FPS like Call of Duty can be controlled via Kinect though, so you have to integrate aiming and movement with a Wiimote.

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